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Coming soon… Perfectstorm.Inc Boutique Event Space

Be inspired, hot house idea's, work the problem, push the boundaries, paint the picture, achieve the dream, meet with ambience & Think Tank… Boutique Event space in an idyllic setting 70 minutes from London. Whatever your needs combine world class Event planning expertise, organisation development, 15 years Board level experience in FSTE 100 & Global companies, to bring a unique Event space to the market.

"After 15 years at Board level every Corporate event, every meeting, every conference always failed to measure up… When bringing teams together why do we insist on sterile environments, functional space, stuffy rooms and hospitality food. 'We combine our experience, research and good old common sense to create a 'Boutique Event space', designed to inspire, teams fed and watered to fuel dramatic outputs and in an idyllic setting to encourage the big ideas and breakthrough solutions for today's business dilemma's.

Flexibility is key - you can take space, top up with stunning hospitality, participate in team cook offs at our affiliated cookery school with chef fresh from the Great British Menu – Street Party and challenge the boundaries with raft building, jet skiing, sphering and dry slope skiing activities.

Alternatively you can take time to hot house ideas in the orchard, think tank in contemporary converted stone buildings with outside space or simply hold a team meeting in an environment that doesn't stifle. We've been there… Our teams have met here … Now we invite you to join us here..."

Amanda Leonard Joint CEO
& Chief Marketing Officer Perfectstorm.Inc



Perfectstorm.Inc Lifestyle, your style, your taste, your way, effortless perfection for every life, Apps, Packages, Quick solutions and Events.

Coming soon… Perfectstorm.Inc Boutique Event Space. Be inspired, meet with ambience & think tank ...70 minutes from London.

PerfectStorm.Inc's investment arm is developing & operating concepts in Retail, Property Development and Event space.

PerfectStorm.Inc is a marketing, PR and Management Consultancy unlocking potential in a broad range of businesses in the private and not for profit sectors. With unprecedented Board level expertise in blue-chip Food and Beverage, Hospitality and Retail businesses, PerfectStorm.Inc is revolutionising thinking in Stakeholder Management, Organisation Transformation and Branding. It is synonymous with high impact, no nonsense results.

PerfectStorm.Inc Registered Company Number:7142912 Banks Farm, Strowe Road, Barholm, Stamford, Lincs PE9 4RA

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