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    9.8% year on year Sales Growth

    • £1.6m like for like sales uplift
    • Most complex region in UK & Ireland
    • Plan replicated in other locations

    Re-branding sees revenues triple

    • Re-positioned poor brand as Food Travel experts
    • Reputation synonymous with quality Food & Talent
    • Transformed the organisation infrastructure

    £200m business won

    • 80% success rate of new business pitch
    • New sales development process drove results
    • Client relations plan yielded success
    • Strong brand identity

    Youngest ever General manager

    • Busy mainline station at 23 years old
    • Year 1 stats achieved through business acumen
    • Award winning status

    US Trailblazing

    • Talent acquisition programme – Disney, Marriot and Darden
    • Board development programme transforms organisation
    • Award winning restaurant concepts

    Sophisticated Smooshing

    • Exceptional client impact
    • World Class Events – Personal or Corporate

    Stakeholder Management has
    National Broadcast Impact

    • Comprehensive plan led to National Radio – 5 Live
    • National Print Media
    • Considerable Regional exposure

    Lobbying plan has Government impact
    – Mobility Showcase

    • Comprehensive plan for leading UK Housing Association
    • Ministerial interest and influence achieved
    • Positioned client as key voice with coalition government

    £10m Global cost reduction

    • Target achieved across all countries
    • Exceptional stakeholder buy-in for delivery
    • Sustainable savings through comprehensive programme

    Board appointment at 28 years old

    • First board appointment at 28 years
    • FTSE 100 – 15 years of board level experience
    • Sought after leader

    Award Winning

    • BEST New restaurant concept
    • BEST Employment Brand
    • BEST media campaign
    • Operations Manager of the Year

    Transforming the Housing Sector

    • Developing commercial programme in not for profit sector
    • Brand positioning for client as leading experts
    • Stakeholder management plan leveraging high impact results

    £1.5 million Global Re-financing

    • Private enquiry deal re-financed
    • Media coverage minimised with PR strategy
    • Stakeholder kept on side
    • Business protected

    High Street Brands into Travel Market

    • Starbucks
    • M&S Simply Food
    • Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar

    £4.5m Footfall Growth

    • Turnaround business
    • Transformation of Ops standards
    • High impact results

    Profit Margin Impact

    • £18m business
    • 5% improvement in EBITDA
    • 12 High Street Brands
    • Busy London mainline station

    MLab – London Business School

    • Dr Jules Goddard transforms thinking
    • Management Lab free thinking
    • Co-facilitation with PerfectStorm.Inc
    • Powerful Havard Professor

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    Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer

    Simon Bartley is Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer for PerfectStorm.Inc – a Management consultancy specialising in unlocking potential and optimising performance in the variety of businesses – as well as developing & delivering stakeholder led solutions to improve organisations’ reputation.

    A charismatic leader with an enviable track record of growth and financial performance Bartley is delivering a broad range of programmes from diagnostics and reviews to tactical activity to increase revenues and margins.

    As Chief Operating Officer Bartley utilises his extensive experience as a Multi Site Manager of high volume locations. During his impressive career he has many accolades - being the youngest ever General Manager of a high volume London Rail Station, comprising of 24 Retail and Catering Units. The £10million capital redevelopment of Victoria broadened his experience in real estate development planning and mobilisation.

    His Career has been characterised by the numerous Centre’s of Excellence status he has been awarded – developing and piloting management coaching and induction programmes and operating global Centres of Excellence for SSP brands, (the world’s leading operator of F&B brands in travel locations worldwide). A frequent recipient of the highly competitive Regional Operator of the Year award, his reputation was cemented by his graduation from the prestigious Rosen College, Orlando (University of Central Florida), where he achieved a Diploma in Multi Unit Management alongside companies such as Disney Corporation, The Restaurant Group and Darden Restaurants.

    As Operations Director for Excel, run for Compass Group – the worlds largest food service provider, he delivered the catering and logistics for prestigious events such as the Motor Show, Boat Show and World Heavyweight Championships,

    Bartley’s most notable achievements are commercial – managing a declining London region from -3% to 4% growth in 18 months and moving the most complex highest volume region in SSP from a decline to 9.8% growth.

    Following the re-positioning of the Whistlestop Brand in the UK rail stations to a progressive Retail Convenience proposition he was invited to work on numerous re-branding projects, reporting directly to the UK Managing Director.

    His considerable experience with High Street brands such as Burger King, Starbucks, WH Smith, M&S and Upper Crust have shaped his passion for the delivery of Operational excellence.

    Starting his career in Whitbread as a Management Trainee Bartley is a 16 year veteran of the Retail, Food and Hospitality sector.


    Perfectstorm.Inc Lifestyle, your style, your taste, your way, effortless perfection for every life, Apps, Packages, Quick solutions and Events.

    Coming soon… Perfectstorm.Inc Boutique Event Space. Be inspired, meet with ambience & think tank ...70 minutes from London.

    PerfectStorm.Inc's investment arm is developing & operating concepts in Retail, Property Development and Event space.

    PerfectStorm.Inc is a marketing, PR and Management Consultancy unlocking potential in a broad range of businesses in the private and not for profit sectors. With unprecedented Board level expertise in blue-chip Food and Beverage, Hospitality and Retail businesses, PerfectStorm.Inc is revolutionising thinking in Stakeholder Management, Organisation Transformation and Branding. It is synonymous with high impact, no nonsense results.

    PerfectStorm.Inc Registered Company Number:7142912 Banks Farm, Strowe Road, Barholm, Stamford, Lincs PE9 4RA

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