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    9.8% year on year Sales Growth

    • £1.6m like for like sales uplift
    • Most complex region in UK & Ireland
    • Plan replicated in other locations

    Re-branding sees revenues triple

    • Re-positioned poor brand as Food Travel experts
    • Reputation synonymous with quality Food & Talent
    • Transformed the organisation infrastructure

    £200m business won

    • 80% success rate of new business pitch
    • New sales development process drove results
    • Client relations plan yielded success
    • Strong brand identity

    Youngest ever General manager

    • Busy mainline station at 23 years old
    • Year 1 stats achieved through business acumen
    • Award winning status

    US Trailblazing

    • Talent acquisition programme – Disney, Marriot and Darden
    • Board development programme transforms organisation
    • Award winning restaurant concepts

    Sophisticated Smooshing

    • Exceptional client impact
    • World Class Events – Personal or Corporate

    Stakeholder Management has
    National Broadcast Impact

    • Comprehensive plan led to National Radio – 5 Live
    • National Print Media
    • Considerable Regional exposure

    Lobbying plan has Government impact
    – Mobility Showcase

    • Comprehensive plan for leading UK Housing Association
    • Ministerial interest and influence achieved
    • Positioned client as key voice with coalition government

    £10m Global cost reduction

    • Target achieved across all countries
    • Exceptional stakeholder buy-in for delivery
    • Sustainable savings through comprehensive programme

    Board appointment at 28 years old

    • First board appointment at 28 years
    • FTSE 100 – 15 years of board level experience
    • Sought after leader

    Award Winning

    • BEST New restaurant concept
    • BEST Employment Brand
    • BEST media campaign
    • Operations Manager of the Year

    Transforming the Housing Sector

    • Developing commercial programme in not for profit sector
    • Brand positioning for client as leading experts
    • Stakeholder management plan leveraging high impact results

    £1.5 million Global Re-financing

    • Private enquiry deal re-financed
    • Media coverage minimised with PR strategy
    • Stakeholder kept on side
    • Business protected

    High Street Brands into Travel Market

    • Starbucks
    • M&S Simply Food
    • Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar

    £4.5m Footfall Growth

    • Turnaround business
    • Transformation of Ops standards
    • High impact results

    Profit Margin Impact

    • £18m business
    • 5% improvement in EBITDA
    • 12 High Street Brands
    • Busy London mainline station

    MLab – London Business School

    • Dr Jules Goddard transforms thinking
    • Management Lab free thinking
    • Co-facilitation with PerfectStorm.Inc
    • Powerful Havard Professor

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    • Business Development

      "ground breaking programmes and high achieving results..."

      Chris copner - Soho Coffee

      "strong leadership, influential and engaging style..."

      Les Cappetta - President SSP America

    • Marketing and Brand Identity

      "energy and passion are what drive any business Amanda touches..."

      E Rachael Baird - CEO Tilt Creative

      "a brilliant motivator and role model for any project..."

      Andy Porter - CEO Rapport Creative

    • PR/Stakeholder Management

      "PerfectStorm.Inc has transformed the approach that our business takes..."

      Mark Rogers - CEO Circle Group

      "we worked together on driving the credibility and reputation of the business..."

      Paul Damico – President Moes
      Southwest grill

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    • Organisation Development

      "What is consistent is Simon's unbending drive and focus..."

      Nick Spencer - Sodexo Marketing

      "a pursuit of excellence...that can lead to pathbreaking achievement..."

      Helen Duguid - Microsoft & DoGoodConsulting

    • Driving Sales
      and Profit

      "managed to multiple, complex stakeholders and varied complex projects..."

      Mark Turner - Restauranter & Ex-Operations Director - SSP Global Travel

    • Promotions and Event Planning

      "translating ideas into a truly memorable event..."

      Darleen Nascimento - Marketing & PR Director SSP America

      "developed the Excel venue into a sought after, highly profitable account..."

      Martin Pointon - COO Retail Travel Compass Group

    Chris Copner

    Soho Coffee

    The combination of Simon and Amanda's partnership is a dynamic one. With Simon's background in operational delivery and Amanda's Board experience in Organisation Development, Marketing and PR they are uniquely placed to leverage value for businesses, Having worked on multiple mergers and acquisitions and sat on various Boards together, Amanda embodies the spirit of Can Do. From rapid career progression, insightful feedback, ground breaking programmes and high achieving results I would have no hesitation in working with PerfectStorm.Inc. Amanda's input on Market Entry Plans has been valuable as we look to grow our brand globally."

    Les Cappetta

    President SSP America

    Amanda was by my side and one of 3 pivotal players in the transformation of an under performing business with a variable reputation. As Executive Vice President for Client Relations, PR and Communication, she helped quadruple the business, winning new accounts, rebranding and repositioning the organisation and building our strength and reputation. On a personal note, Amanda is inspirational – through her strong leadership, influential and engaging style and business acumen she achieves challenging and dramatic goals. Her infectious personality coupled with considered coaching and support is an invaluable input to any business."

    E Rachael Baird

    CEO Tilt Creative

    She has driven the reputation of many businesses by developing a strong brand identity. Her energy and passion are what drive any business she touches, pushing and making it a sustainable and lifelong success."

    Andy Porter

    CEO Rapport Creative

    She is very clear thinking and understands the need to balance creative excellence with practical results driven communication. She is great fun to do business with and a brilliant motivator and role model for any project she leads."

    Mark Rogers

    CEO Circle Group

    PerfectStorm.Inc has transformed the approach that our business takes to Marketing & Communications. The Stakeholder strategy has become embedded in the business, and we have driven significant political benefit and benefit to our customers from the integrated Mobility Campaign that Amanda and the team managed for us. As one of the leading Housing Group's in the UK, Amanda has driven commercial value from our services, leading the market entry project in the Telecare sector – working with blue chip retailers and technology partners. Running our PR & Communication function she has rapidly become an invaluable strategic player on my Board, and has provided insightful commercial and leadership support. Personally Amanda is an inspiration to work with, an intuitive businesswoman who wins the hearts and minds of colleagues and employees alike and has added demonstrative value to our business."

    Paul Damico

    President Moes Southwest grill

    Working on a variety of high profile projects, Amanda supported me in the development of my business. From developing passion for the brand, through to coaching, leadership and client relations we worked together on driving the credibility and reputation of the business. Amanda is a focussed leader who sets the bar high and contributes solid outcomes. She is great fun to work with and has helped me achieve my goals."

    Nick Spencer

    Sodexo Marketing

    To say that Simon helped me develop my business is an understatement. From supporting the building of the infrastructure, to the complex re-developments and brand mobilisations and latterly the leveraging of value from my cost base. What is consistent is Simon's unbending drive and focus."

    Helen Duguid

    Microsoft & DoGoodConsulting

    Amanda Leonard is a significant player in her field with a reputation for making a real difference wherever she chooses to work.

    How would I describe working with Amanda? Passionate and ambitious with incredible energy for getting things done. Amanda has a can-do approach and a drive for results that is second to none. I find her to be a fabulous partner and collaborator who enables and facilitates action.

    Amanda is a pace setting leader with an engaging communicating style that inspires others to action. Her passion and intellectual capital are undisputedly key strengths and, her experience and style is hard to replicate. Her unwavering pursuit of excellence from the planning of an event to stakeholder management, PR, communications and lobbying provides the basis for an unmatchable competitive advantage—and can lead to pathbreaking achievement.

    Amanda and, her business, PerfectStorm.Inc is all about excellence into action. She brings experienced consultants, practical development models, enlightening and energising events and workshops to bear on customer's business challenges to make a difference."

    Mark Turner

    Restauranter & Ex-Operations Director - SSP Global Travel

    Simon's track record in operational excellence is one of the strongest I have experienced. I have seen results in problem location for sales and profit, as well as increases in brand standards and customer service. With his broad background in Retail convenience, restaurants, bakery and coffee he managed multiple, complex stakeholders and varied complex projects. Having re-generated 2 large London stations his impact whilst working with us was tremendous."

    Darleen Nascimento

    Marketing & PR Director SSP America

    Amanda has worked with us on several prestigious events that have been key to the growth of our brand. Our reputation has been enhanced significantly by the approach to stakeholder management and client relations. Her insight, creativity, style and connections have helped us to produce some world class events. Amanda can be characterised by her vision, strong leadership , ability to deal with pressure and perhaps most importantly how she always captures hearts and minds, by translating ideas into a truly memorable event."

    Martin Pointon

    COO Retail Travel Compass Group

    Through Simons leadership he developed the Excel venue into a sought after, highly profitable account with multi million pound revenue. Through his innovative offers, exceptional client relations skills and retail, food and beverage flair he handled prestigious events with charisma, passion and focus."


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    PerfectStorm.Inc's investment arm is developing & operating concepts in Retail, Property Development and Event space.

    PerfectStorm.Inc is a marketing, PR and Management Consultancy unlocking potential in a broad range of businesses in the private and not for profit sectors. With unprecedented Board level expertise in blue-chip Food and Beverage, Hospitality and Retail businesses, PerfectStorm.Inc is revolutionising thinking in Stakeholder Management, Organisation Transformation and Branding. It is synonymous with high impact, no nonsense results.

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